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Workplace Wellness

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Many office jobs have us sitting in one position all day, finding ourselves with back pain, rounded shoulders and a slouching posture. We can get so caught up in what we work on throughout the day, that sometimes we forget to take a break and move the body. Regular breaks are important, moving the body in different ways helps prevent strain caused by sitting at a desk for too long.

Perhaps you have already taken steps to bring wellness into your workplace. Having options to stand and work at your desk, or sit on a large Pilates ball in place of a traditional desk chair, are great ways to easily improve on your everyday working environment. Even with these measures, it’s still important to move and take a moment to be mindful, reconnecting with our bodies for just a few extra small breaks each day. This can help improve circulation, metabolic function, reduce stress and help us create a more positive and focused work environment with more productivity.

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have workplace wellness classes or workshops throughout the week to help you be more aware of your health and make strides towards a healthier workday. If not, a few simple movements can help you improve how you’re feeling if you get stuck in a slump on long days.

  1. Just move, every hour or so, try to take a quick walk around the office. Even if you feel like you are too busy, or just don’t have a moment to leave your desk, taking a short walk can help improve circulation and focus, making you more productive when you return to your desk.

  2. Standing (or sitting) at your desk, reach both arms overhead for a good morning stretch. Take this stretch to the right and to the left sides a few times each, reaching all the way out and stretching through the fingertips.

  3. Move the head and neck. Drop the chin toward the chest and let your head roll over to the right shoulder gently on an exhale. With your inhale bring the chin back down towards the center of the chest. Let the head gently roll to the left shoulder with your next exhale, inhaling returning back to center. Take this gentle stretch a few times moving with your breath, remember to always listen to your body’s cues and not overdo it.

  4. Down dog at your desk- Stand up from your chair with both hands flat on the center of your desk. Start to sink your weight back into your legs, pushing the hips away from your desk so the arms reach out in front of the body. Knees can bend as generously as needed, maybe taking the option to alternate pushing one heel and then the other towards the floor.

If you don’t already have a workplace wellness program, talk to your supervisor or human resources director about the possibility of adding Fitness Classes or Wellness Workshops at your office. These programs can reduce insurance costs, increase overall workplace productivity and employee satisfaction, and they are a great teambuilding activity.

METFitness offers corporate fitness classes and wellness workshops that can be done almost anywhere and are available at convenient times, before, after work and during lunch breaks.

Call us today for more info about getting started.

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