Tai Chi / Qi Gong

Tai Chi classes include a slow progression of movements performed with focus and meditation. Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline that has been proven to reduce stress and promote increases balance in regular participants.

Qi Gong classes incorporate breathing exercises, body postures and movements, and mental concentration, 

intended to maintain good health and control the flow of vital energy.


Classes are one hour in length.





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Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Chair Yoga with Larissa

Chair Yoga is a low-impact class designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress and increase mental clarity and focus. Class is held indoors at the amenity center. 


Thursdays at 6:30pm

Zumba with Nilda

Zumba is a Latin-Dance workout that is designed to increase your cardio endurance and blast calories, while having fun! Class is medium-high impact, but can be modified individually by each participant as needed. 


Saturdays at 9am

Body-Balance with Mayra

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