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Retreats: Time for Pause

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Too often we keep ourselves so busy visiting with friends and family, working, and planning activities with others that we rarely take anytime to focus on ourselves and our own personal health. When was the last time you took a moment to just stop and do nothing? When have you stopped to meditate quietly, or enjoy being outdoors breathing in the fresh air, without planning an activity or event with others? We tend to busy ourselves with taking care of everyone, and everything, and forget the importance of our own personal well-being. Nevertheless, it is important that we learn to value and prioritize self-care so that we can be healthy and happy in our own lives. This positive reinforcement to our own health will also help us focus better when we interact with others.

Living in a culture where we are constantly connected, and always working with mobile technology and social media, it can be hard to escape from our working mind-set. In an effort to recover, retreats are becoming a more popular way for people to take a few days to decompress from the stress in their lives. Retreats can offer us an opportunity to renew our mind and body connection through meditation, healthy activities and other wellness programs.

Do you think a few days on a wellness retreat could benefit your quality of life? This is not necessarily an activity packed vacation but a time for renewal of body and mind. Various options are available as more and more people look for a wellness pick-me-up in our fast-paced, always connected lives. You could choose to take a short trip to an island, the mountains, desert, or find someplace quiet and close to home.

First, decide what activities will help you relax and refresh the most. Fitness classes and wellness sessions may be an important aspect of the retreat you choose, or perhaps something that brings more of your attention inward, focusing on meditation and relaxation. Many retreats can offer massages and meditation classes as part of their daily activities. Perhaps even excursions that allow you to explore or hike would benefit you most. Everyone relaxes in different ways, so it's important to look at options and make sure you are choosing something that works for you. If you are looking to go with a group, and create a personalized retreat, check in with your other companions when planning. Keeping balance in your schedule will allow everyone time and energy to enjoy the experience.

The decision is yours alone and there is beauty in taking time out to connect with yourself, and to remember to focus on your inner goals. It's always important to make self-care a priority in our daily lives.

*METFitness offers customizable retreat services that allow you to set your destination, time frame and choose your group participants. Customizable planning is available if you are looking for something special for yourself or a group.

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