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Relax This Holiday Season With These Self-Care Tips

Self-care is always important, but it’s particularly crucial to take time for yourself during the holiday season. We tend to get caught up in our obligations rather than cherishing the time spent with our loved ones.

This time of year, your plate is probably full, and it’s easy to bite off more than you can chew and end up feeling stressed out. Want to get into the holiday spirit and avoid the usual seasonal stress? Committing to the following self-care strategies from METFitness can help boost your mood.

Stay Active

With the holidays approaching, you may plan to push your usual fitness routine to the backburner. But carving out a little time for exercise is worth it -- physical activity helps reduce stress.

If you don’t regularly exercise but want to incorporate a daily routine, good for you! In addition to helping reduce stress and managing your waistline, regular exercise promotes better sleep. When starting out with a new routine, it’s important to start small. Taking it one step at a time ensures you can meet your lifestyle goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Want some extra motivation to work out? Try using a smartwatch with fitness apps that can track your health stats and help you meet your goals in the gym. For example, smartwatches

can monitor your heart rate, activity levels, calories burned, and even how long you’ve been sitting and standing throughout the day.

Get the Kids Involved

If you think you’ll be overwhelmed while trying to keep an eye on the kids this holiday season, don’t hesitate to hire a babysitter for a few nights. Of course, your kids are older, they might be happy to pitch in and help you out with decorating, baking, and other fun holiday tasks.

Head to Bed Early

When the holidays are in full swing, you can easily find yourself staying up later than you usually would. Between holiday parties, long travel days, and staying up to wrap gifts after the kids go to bed, you might feel run down and tired.

Try sticking to a consistent bedtime and aim to get a solid eight hours of sleep each night. Lack of sleep can exacerbate stress and anxiety, so don’t feel guilty about hitting the hay a little early. Implement a nightly routine with a device curfew, soothing sounds and a cup of tea with some immune-boosting elderberry syrup to send you off to dreamland.

Escape for a Bit

If a big vacation isn’t in your budget -- and won’t fit on your calendar either -- try getting away just for a little while to clear your head and relax. You can take a drive, or even visit a vacation rental in Orlando for as little as $100 a night! Might be just want you need to refuel before the next social engagement.

Take Nights Off

One night, you have the holiday office party. Next, you need to do some shopping and bake cookies. The kids have a holiday concert at school, and you want to decorate the tree this weekend. And in a few days, you need to pack your bags and fly out to visit your parents. Sound familiar?

If your calendar is overbooked, you’re not alone. You might feel like you have something scheduled every night of the week, and you have no time to put your feet up and chill out. Make this the year that you respectfully turn down a few invites in favor of laid-back family time. After all, as Psychology Today suggests, you can’t feel your best unless you give yourself some downtime. Snuggle up in your coziest pajamas, make some hot chocolate, and forget about your other obligations for a few hours.

During the holiday season, your schedule might be demanding, but by prioritizing family time and your favorite traditions, you can enjoy the festivities without feeling like you’re constantly

dashing from one event to another. If you focus on self-care this winter, you don’t have to end the year feeling stressed out and frazzled.

METFitness is a local Central Florida company based out of Orlando that provides a unique and fun fitness experience for all clients outside of the traditional studio or gym atmosphere. Call 407-883-9460.

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