Barre-Sculpt at 6:30pm on Tuesday

Barre Sculpt is a great class to Tone and Strengthen the body using low impact moves. This class is designed for all levels and offers options to increase intensity for the perfect workout challenge. Please bring a personal mat for class. 

Yoga Pose

Yoga-Tone at 6:30pm on Wednesday

Yoga-Tone is a great compliment to your fitness routine! This class focuses on increasing flexibility with body-weight strengthening moves to create a strong core and toned physique. Class is low-impact and a good fit for all-levels. Options are available to increase intensity or minimize throughout class as needed. Please bring a personal mat. 

HIIT-Box at 6:30pm on Thursday

HIIT-Box is a High Intensity Interval Training class that is designed to torch calories, build strength and endurance, and increase agility with a combination of functional training moves and kickbox drills. Please bring a personal mat for this class.

Woman Working Out
Hip Hop Class

Zumba at 10am on Saturdays

Zumba at 10am on Saturdays

Zumba at 10am on Saturdays




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Tuesdays at 6:30pm

Chair Yoga with Larissa

Chair Yoga is a low-impact class designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress and increase mental clarity and focus. Class is held indoors at the amenity center. 


Thursdays at 6:30pm

Zumba with Nilda

Zumba is a Latin-Dance workout that is designed to increase your cardio endurance and blast calories, while having fun! Class is medium-high impact, but can be modified individually by each participant as needed. 


Saturdays at 9am

Body-Balance with Mayra

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